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About us - The Art Center of Islamic Revolution

About us

«Festival Centre and Art community of Hozeh Honari»

Festival Centre and Art community of Hozeh Honari was established in 2010, in order to Organize, coordinate and create unity and public participation in Communal activities.

A) Missions:

  1. Organizing and coordinating festivals and cultural - artistic activities
  2. Establishing a unity in holding festivals
  3. Compiling a framework for holding literary and artistic community
  4. Development and management of art spaces

B) Objectives:

  1. Increasing  the efficiency and the quality of festivals and communal activities
  2. Program dividing in terms of thematic content
  3. Prevention of parallel activities, power dissipation, and human resources
  4. Taking advantage of personnel’s and artistic and professional unit’s potential, in communal performances
  5. Identifying and applying the prominent talents in local and international art community
  6. training technical staff in the field of professional services, technical support and artistic equipment 
  7. Cooperation with domestic and foreign institutions of culture and art
  8. Providing new methods for Ceremony And communal performances
  9. promoting the operation and improvement of halls, galleries and art spaces
  10. Creating integration and unity in the areas of artistic places

C) Structure:

  1. Director
  2. Executive Vice
  3. Financial Administrative Manager
  4. Head of halls and exhibitions
  5. Head of Advertising and Information
  6. Head of the Central Secretariat of festivals

D) Duties:

  • Festivals and community affairs
  1. Holding artistic and literary conferences and festivals
  2. Creating the field to participate in conferences and festivals at home and abroad and works exchanging
  3. Receiving programs and preparing annual operating calendar of the various units
  4. Drawing up collective annual calendar programs (meetings, conventions and festivals)
  5. Planning and division of affaires in interior units in annual collective performances
  6. Estimates operating cost based on unit’s activity and their announcement for allocation of funds
  7. Adjusting the schedule and the executive programs
  8. Coordination of performing executable programs based on the yearly calendar
  9. Coordinating and supervising on the functions of the units in a collective program
  10. Having observation on the performance of contracts according to estimated unit in communal programs
  11. Providing and planning the internal and external calendar of festivals and present it to the affiliated centers
  12. providing situation for Hozeh Honari ‘s artists ,to participate in different festivals.
  13. monitoring and planning in coordination with the General Directorate for holding  Provincial Festival
  • affairs halls and exhibitions
  1. Determining the maximum or minimum amount of contracts for , exploiting the halls and exhibitions on an annual basis
  2. Determining the cost price, exploiting of the exhibition and for interior units
  3. Determination of contract’s framework such as technical service and ...
  4. providing new programs for increasing the income level of halls and exhibitions
  5. Providing the required financial sources (by revenue, attract grants and funding areas)
  6. verifying and confirming the rules of exterior performances


Members of the community center and festivals:

Financial Administrative Manager

Armindokht Elahi

Financial Manager
Executive Vice

Mohammad Zaroei Nasrabad

Executive Vice
Responsible for halls

Qasem Moradi

Responsible for halls
Office secretary

Marzieh Farshadjou

Office secretary
Webmaster and Informatics

Maedeh Taherizadeh

Webmaster and Informatics
Responsible for planning

Leila Haqsetan

Responsible for planning

Farzaneh Ataei

Graphic Designer

Fereshteh Zeidi

Graphic Designer
Responsible for supplies and support

Mehdi Soleimani

Supplies & support
Responsible for Andisheh hall

Asadollah Musazadeh

Andisheh hall responsible
Responsible for Soreh hall

Mehdi Moqadam

Soreh hall responsible
Technical Officer

MohammadReza Kobadi

Technical Officer
Technical Officer

Nasser Nazari

Technical Officer

Art experts of the Secretariat:

Cinema Expert

Behnam Bahadori

Cinema Expert
Visual Expert

Mehdi Moradi

Visual Expert
Theatre Expert

Tohid Masoumi

Theatre Expert