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The Art Center of Islamic Revolution - Festivals - Art Mourning of Ashura - 10th Edition

Art Mourning of Ashura / 10th Edition

1395/9/3، 10:59

Practical workshops with the artists in inauguration of Ashura Art Mourning.

A group of Iranian artists with artists from Lebanon and Iraq, will hold practical workshops in inauguration of Ashura Art Mourning.

According to the public relations of the circles and festivals center of Hozeh Honari, this afternoon, 11 November, and on the opening day of  Ashura art Mourning, practical workshops will be held with the participation of local and international artists. The workshop is scheduled, that Mohammad Ayash and Hossain Younes from Lebanon, Ahmad Emad Saadavi from Iraq and Haj Abdollah Haj seyed Hasan ,Shahrokhi and Mansur Alikhani design their works in this tragedy.  In this festival, there are 109 artworks in 3 sections of poster(35),flag(17),painting(11) and imagery(46). This art mourning will be held in 1th Nov for one month ,with the subject of(( Ashura epic)) for poster ,flag and painting ,and(( Qasim ibn al-Hassan)) for imagery.