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The Art Center of Islamic Revolution - Festivals - Art Mourning of Ashura - 10th Edition

Art Mourning of Ashura / 10th Edition

1395/9/3، 10:46

Iran, is in the forefront of the creation of Ashoura

Hossain Younes: Iran, is in the forefront of the creation of Ashoura / Iranian art artists is a model for Arabic-speaking countries.

This artist appreciates Iranian’s attention and participation to Moharram and Safar. He said that there are numerous exhibitions of Iranian in Iraq which demonstrate their love and faith to Imam Hossain (as) and Ashoura and their creation in designing. He added that Iranian artist doesn’t need introduction and Arabic artists always expect perfect artworks and holding workshops and exhibitions in Arabic countries helps them to promote their art.

He said that there is an artistic association in Beirut calls Ebda, which hold the ceremony of picture calligraphy and painting  every year and according to great participation of youth, other centers and associations were hold. We hope by the assistance of cultural and artistic centers of Iran, we see more development in Lebanon artists. He appreciated the number of Ashura Posters in Tehran streets and said that in the comparison with other countries, it is very good and perfect.


Younes believes that searching is one of the basis of recent art development and we should reinforce it. He said that working without background is useless and may make mistake for us and one of the factors in developing our ancient art is our attention to researching. This is to say that this 47 years old artist is active in the fields of calligraphy especially Nastaligh and also classic and abstract painting.