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The Art Center of Islamic Revolution - Festivals - Art Mourning of Ashura

Art Mourning of Ashura

Call for the 10th art mourning of Ashura

Arabic Invitation

Hozeh Honari (center of art and culture) is intended to hold an art mourning of Ashura, in October and November 2016, in order to take advantage of the features of the Battle of Karbala for creating visual art work.

Those who are interested , to be  send their artwork to central festival secretariat of Hozeh Honary, according  to terms and condition of the Mourning ceremony.

Different scopes of mourning ceremony:

  • poster

Mourning ceremony Subjects:

  • Ashoora’s epic


  • Each artist can takes  apart in both subjects and in each one, he/she can present maximum 5 works.
  • The artworks in the first stage, must be forwarded  in 72 RGB/JPEG(unzipped –standard) ,at least 1MG, to the E mail address of mourning ceremony.
  • In case of entry of the poster in exhibition, it will be informed via E mail ,to send the poster in its initial cut (100×70).
  • Secretariat of festival is allowed to use the sent artwork in its exhibition, propagation and publication affair.
  • taking account into aesthetic aspects and the designer view in using elements ,precise signs, appropriate  visual  elements, innovation and creativity, will play an important role in judgment.
  • The artworks will be evaluated by a group of experts, specialist  and professors. The artworks will be published and presented in the dimension of (100×70).
  • Attendance certificate and book of exhibition will be awarded to all participants.

For registration, please click on the register above and send your information and then submit your works via the submition form.


  • The honorary diploma and 1500 $ will be awarded to the first winners of sections for each subject.
  • The honorary diploma and 1200 $ will be awarded to the second winners of sections for each subject.
  • The honorary diploma and 1000 $ will be awarded to the third winners of sections for each subject.

 Delivery  deadline:

2016 September 24